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Point Standing

points start in april!!!!!!!

Summit Super Series
Cable Car Racing  # 700

Weekly Points

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In the sport of Drag Racing, every week gives the driver a chance for the glory of victory; taking the final win light of the final race of the day. The only thing more exciting than the final win light of the day is the points race which runs throughout the season.

Points are calculated as follows: (every driver receives) 10 points for entering the race; 5 points for each race round won for the day; 2 bonus points for the winner of the night and 1 bonus point for the runner-up. The points are tallied weekly and add up for a final total at the end of the season. The top ten drivers from the Richmond Dragway will go onto bracket finals.

Cable Car Racing's points will be post on this page and updated weekly, for the rest of the feild, check out the Richmond Dragway link below.

Richmond Dragway

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