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I got a lot done, but not on the race track. The car ran consistent and we had it dialed right but couldn't seem to find any luck, we will be back next weekend. Two rounds that after they happened, I could have easily won both of them, I could have tapped the brakes at the 1/8th mile and won not broke out first round, could have been .600 in the buy back and won but no, I had to give it to him. Better luck next week. We are tickled to death with the car and the way it runs, we find some lights and some luck and we will win some races, we definitly have the car to do it.

June 22, 2002
Welp, it is like this, I put a MSD Pro Billet Distributor in the car this week and my new Kirkey Racing seat and we went to the track for a non-points race on Saturday. Won first round and we were very happy with the way the car was running, but met up with Larry Miller in the second round and got stupid on the tree. Alas, we will be back next week to try and do better.
Walter Tuck

June 8, 2002
After taking the carb apart, cleaning her up, and putting her back together, we finally have the Cable car tuned to run the 1/4 mile in a flash. Now I have to work on my relationship with the tree. With a little more work and fine tuning, I will be on the money and poised to win the day next week.
Walter Tuck

June 1, 2002
Last week we had to do some adjustments to the engine. On friday we ran the Street shot out to work out some of the problems with the car. But alas on Saturday we still had not worked out all of the kinks. With the new stall converter in the car she wants to sleep on the tree and when trying to make up the diffrence, I shoot her off the line a bit to fast. As with all changes, time to adjust will be needed for me and the car. We are looking forward to getting all the kinks out of the car for next Saturdays races. We look forward to seeing you there.
Walter Tuck

Monday May 27, 2002
We decided at the last minute to run the high rollers race today.  It turned out to be a very interesting day.  After the first time run a car caught fire on the track, leaving us with only one time trial to start the day and no bogey race.
I started cutting lights and running well as you saw on the Weekly Stats page. I felt that the car was running great. Now that the weather is starting to warm up the car will be dialed in a little higher than in March. We will see you next Sunday for some great passes on the track and the continuation of the points race for the season.
Walter Tuck

Sunday May 19, 2002
It was a beautiful day here in Richmond and the weather was perfect for racing. The air was a breezy 64 degrees and the Humidity was in the low 30's.
The Cable Car came off the trailer, hooked up and flew down the track with and awesome ET of 11.67.  She was dialed in at 11.66 for the day. The 60 ft. and 660 ft. ET was consistant for the entire day. I had a little trouble cutting a light today, not sure why, but it is high on my list of things to look at for the next race. Note, there will be no racing on Sunday May 26th. I am thinking about racing on Monday May 27th. It is not a points race. It is a High Roller Race.
Walter T.

Sunday, May 12, 2002
Ok, Friday was behind me and on this day I came to the track to take names of those I leave in my dust.  The car was runnng great! I was drilling the tree and was running my numbers all day. I went to the track with a winners mind and accomplished success. I was the winner of the bogey race for the day, this makes twice this season. Last note, we have entered the Gunslingers Shootout which will be held on Friday, June 12, 2002.

Friday, May 10,2002
Friday was a day of hit and miss. Because of Sundays race being called it was run on Friday evening. I really don't have much to say about that day, it was just one that should have been better. 

April 21 and 28, 2002
There is not much to report for the past two weeks; with the well needed rain pouring down, the track was closed on April 21st. As for the 28th, it was a tough call for the track officals to make, but they canceled the races. Unfortunatly it turned out to be a beautiful day!
Walter Tuck

Sunday April 14, 2002
Sometimes no matter what you do right, Mr Murphy comes to visit...The Cable Car rolled off the trailer today looking sharp and sounding great. The weather today was in the high 80's making it a little hard to judge the cars dial-in time, but no worries. In the second time run, Murphy 's law paid a visit and ate the alternator on the car and shredded the belt. The decision was made to run without the alternator; but in the end, we were beat on the tree.

Sunday April 7th, 2002

I have been waiting for this day for a long time, the first day to run the new motor down the track against my competition. First pass of the day, we did better than our last pass on Friday night. I was the winner of the Bogey Race which gave me a buy for the first round of eliminations. We had to make a minor adjustment between first and second round but all was well. She drove herself into the trailer after the third, but all in all it was a great day. The motor proved that she will only get faster and my times will shave closer and closer to 11.00.

Walter Tuck

Friday April 5th, 2002
With great anticipation we drove out to the drag strip Friday to put the new motor and new slicks to the test. Not knowing what she could do, we put her through her paces. She launched from the tree and flew down the lane. The electricity in the air could be felt by all in the Cable Car pits. She could do no wrong. No adjustments are needed for Sundays race.
Walter Tuck

Saturday March 30, 2002

Walter was correct, things do happen for a reason.

For the past week, Walter and Mr. Cable have been working very hard overhauling the Cable Car. The new engine is in as well as a new flywheel, and amazingly enough, there are no bolts left over

Thank you to both Mr. Cable and Walter for letting me come down and photograph them working on the car. The new engine will be unveiled on Friday evening at Richmond Dragway. They look forward to seeing their fans track side cheering them to a victory.

Sunday March 24th 2002
Ever hear of things happening for a reason?? Well, the Cable Car has a mind of it's own. We have a bigger faster motor sitting on the stand ready to go in it this week. The car has decided that it likes the motor we have now. Get this, rolled into Richmond Sunday morning to our usual parking spot. Unloaded and warmed the car up, it felt real good and I felt real good. First time run, I put a .536 light on the tree and ran a 12.77. Ironic enough, we entered the bogey race and the with a 12.77 on the window, I hit a .533 bulb and ran dead on with a 7 for a .040 package, not too shabby. We didn't win the bogey race, but didn't mind because winning the big race pays more money. With a 12.77 dial, I drilled my opponent first round with a .508 light and ran a 12.78, he took the easy way out and went red. Second round, I put a hole shot on a boy in a 10.50 Nova, killed him on the tree and rapped the gas to a 12.82 on a 12.77 to win second round. Three round saw me, the 2001 Rookie of the Year facing the 2001 Footbrake Champ. With him dialing a 14.70 and cutting a .540 light, he was at about the 330ft mark before I cut a .560 light and preceded to run him down. He hit the line first by .0008 of a second giving him the win. Losing wasn't bad, but at the finish line, something happened with the starter and it broke and wedged against the flywheel, not knowing what that noise was, I shut it off and coasted onto the return road. I knew we had broke it, so I had to get towed back in. We found the problem and tried to fix it, but no success, with the help of six fellow racers, we pushed to car in the trailer and took it back to the garage. Monday night, we are pulling "12.77" out and putting in some more horsepower. Will see what we can do in two weeks when the track opens back up. We are running the test and tune on Friday night and the first points race is Sunday. Got me a championship to win.
Watler Tuck 

SaturdayMarch 23rd 2002.

We rolled out of Bottoms Bridge Saturday morning at about 9:30 in a stolen Suburban in route to Virginia Motorsports Park. We arrived there at 11:00 and found a great pit spot on the pavement and teched in. First time run, the Cable Car clicked off a 12.77 with a .534 light. Satisfied yes, but we had no idea. It clicked off another 12.77 in the second time run. We dialed a 12.76 for first round. I sucked on the tree with a six something light, so I ran my opponent out by rapping the gas at the line, went another 12.77. Due to frigid cold and  the wind burn on our faces, we decided to dial it down for the second round, put a 12.75 on the windows and took to the track. Another six something light and I knew the guy I was racing was going to take full advantage of it, he cruised to a win, despite my 12.755 dead on run. We loaded up and thawed out on the way home. I took the stolen Suburban back to it owner and went home to rest up for Richmond the next day.
Walter Tuck

Sunday March 10, 2002

Even though it was very cold and windy today the drag strip was packed. We had a great start to the 2002 Cable Car Racing Season.On our first pass on the track this season we ran the fasted time ever on the car with a 12.642. The car was in top running order and needed no adjustment in the down time between laps. Making 5th round was a great accomplishment for the first day back after three months off the track. I am sure the season will continue to progress with as much speed and power as today has shown we have...

Walter Tuck